Don’t Breathe (2016)

Directed by: Fede Alvarez
Starring: Jane Levy (Rocky), Stephen Lang (Blind Man), Dylan Minnette (Alex), Daniel Zovatto (Money)
Country: United States
Language: English (Eng Subs)
Runtime: 01:28:29
Genres: Thrillers, Captivity-Kidnapping

Plot – Spoilers:
Three young thieves have a policy of not stealing cash and sticking only to valuables under 10K – Alex’s father works for a home security firm and provides the access to homes in Detroit. Rocky and Money are a couple and Rocky dreams of moving to California with her sister, away from their mother. So when Money gets info that a blind man is sitting on 300K cash in an uninhabited neighborhood, he and Rocky convince a hesitant Alex to join them.

While casing out the place, the trio figure the blind man’s dog is the only stumbling block in an otherwise easy job. But when they finally do break in, the night turns into an ordeal.

One thought on “Don’t Breathe (2016)

  • October 14, 2019 at 4:04 am

    This film is disgusting! How could they do that to a poor dog? Especially in the ass?! I cannot say enough bad things about this movie. Perverted, foul, not necessary at all. I will say though, I liked the scene with danny devito and Charlie sheen.


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