Privacy Policy

The privacy of personal information of visitors to this site is important to us. Here is a little information on the types of information collected while serving Advertisements on this site, and how this information is protected. None of the information collected is ever sold to third parties and is limited to your browsing habits on this website. No personal details are ever collected.

Log Files:
Unlike most websites, no data is logged. Logging has been disabled completely! Broad analytic data such as number of visitors is turned on, but this cannot be narrowed down to tracking any individual using the site.

Cookies are used to store information, which include any personal preferences you may have while visiting and navigating this site.

Third party advertisements may be made use of on this site to support maintenance of the site. The advertisers use technology including cookies as part of providing advertisements on this site, which send the third-party vendor information including your browser used at the time of visit to this site, and in some cases, info on whether you have Flash installed. This information collected is usually used for displaying advertisements appropriate to the content on the site.

IP Address:
Through our use of a type of proxy, it is impossible to harvest your actual location. A vague location such as your country may be determined, but that is of no interest to us and we don’t log it.

Email address:
When you post a comment, your email is requested. You can choose to enter a real email id if you require some information from us. Else, enter a fake one. It won’t be publicly visible anyway.