Strangers (2008)

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Avg Rating: 3.7 / 5. Voted: 23

No one cared thus far. Do you?

Directed by: Bryan Bertino
Starring: Liv Tyler (Kristen), Scott Speedman (James), Gemma Ward (Dollface), Kip Weeks (Masked man), Laura Margolis (Pin-Up Girl), Glenn Howerton (Mike)
Country: USA; Effed Up American Movies
Language: English (Optional Eng Subs)
Runtime: 01:27:29
Genres: Home Invasion

Plot – Spoilers:
A couple return from a reception late in the night. The guy, James, isn’t sure if they’re a couple anymore as his wedding proposal just got painfully declined by Kristen. James is a type of traditionalist who believes in hoisting his girlfriend and carrying her around for a while before proposing. He also believes that rose petals and candles are the perfect way to spend the aftermath of a successful proposal. Kristen is polite but firm in her refusals and is now trying to figure the cleanest way to wade out of the guilt she feels for embarrassing him. James meanwhile continues to add to the mounting awkwardness by lighting her a fire and offering to head out to fetch her some cigarettes.

Kristen by nature doesn’t appreciate loud unexpected sounds and often shudders in response. So not ideal when there are a succession of eerie, loud knocks at the door. It’s the dead of night out in the middle of nowhere and she’s alone at home – all of a sudden, Kristen, who’d spent the best part of the day figuring how to get rid of James can’t wait for him to be back and to protect her. As for James, he reckons this is his moment.

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Leslie Vernon
Leslie Vernon
April 10, 2023 12:20 pm

Is this the one where the antagonists just play ding dong ditch and try to stay 100 ft away from their “victim” at all times? I remember it being painfully boring aside from the shotgun scene.

fred fat
fred fat
April 10, 2023 6:58 pm

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April 10, 2023 11:57 pm

Beware of strangers kids.Youll be safe with Stevie&I got a nice van full of free candy

April 11, 2023 10:38 pm

Hey admin

Sorry, not able to get
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But I can get behind
fred fat’s comment!

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April 12, 2023 12:05 am

great film

Old Mother Hubbard
Old Mother Hubbard
April 12, 2023 9:47 pm

When you see that nepo baby Liv Tyler is the star you know it’s going to be pretty bad. To be fair to Liv, she was fantastic in “That Thing You Do!” (1996), so fantastic that it ruined Johnathan Schaech’s acting career (he was the guitar player guy that was mean to Liv). Schaech has been attacked by people several times for being mean to Liv in the movie. A girl punched him right in the face and he said “I was just acting! It wasn’t real!” Yes, “The Strangers” is not good. I thought that I would see some bad acting by Liv (and I certainly did) but pin-up boy Scott Speedman who played Liv’s boyfriend was just atrociously piss poor in the acting department. The script is just so bad it makes “Malevolence” look like a masterpiece. 1 star. When the “strangers” took their masks off I was almost expecting to see nepo babies Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavine and Lars Ulrich and hear Lars say in his valley girl accent “Wow! This is so gnarly, dude!” (Metallica fucking suck – I can’t stand them. Nepo babies Metallica perform duets with Miley and Avril all the time. They really rock out, dude.) Side note: Liv Tyler (who looks more like her stepdad Todd Rundgren if you ask me) would make Lucille Ball blush at how lousy she treats the “help.” She looks down her nose big time at everyone and considers anyone that works for a living to be… Read more »

April 17, 2023 10:28 am

Good film,i enjoyed the one made in 2018 (follow up??) Strangers come at night a little more,but still,both great films

April 19, 2023 12:04 am

this film does have one of the coldest lines ever. Whe asked why they did this they respond with, Because you were home.

A concerned friend
A concerned friend
April 20, 2023 1:02 pm

Eat out my unwiped anus