Breeder (2020)

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Avg Rating: 3.5 / 5. Voted: 35

No one cared thus far. Do you?

Directed by: Jens Dahl
Starring: Sara Hjort Ditlevsen (Mia), Anders Heinrichsen (Thomas), Signe Egholm Olsen (Ruben), Morten Holst (The Dog)
Country: Denmark; Effed Up European Films
Language: Danish (Eng Subs); Effed Up Scandinavian Cinema
Runtime: 01:47:27
Genres: Sci-Fi, Medical, Violence against Women, Captivity-Kidnapping, Violence against Men, Gruesome, SM-angle, Pissing

Plot – Spoilers:
The main investor in a secretive research project to stop ageing tries to balance looking the other way whenever the project head fiddles with moral and legal standards. His wife has a thing for sexual pain though this angle seems to have been needlessly dragged in. Unless as some kind of ironic joke, because she is soon held captive in the very same research facility, where a perverse thug keeps the women in check until they’re needed for samples.

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April 29, 2024 9:20 pm

The plot has more holes than swiss cheese. It’s fine as far as “Revenge porn” goes, but it doesn’t really amount to much more than “Watch women get abused then get even, oh and here’s a vague plot about rich people using the cells of other to be young again or, whatever.”

April 21, 2024 6:48 pm

It wants to be a “Martyrs” but falls so far from it.. ..Just for one thing, some really dumb plot’s points of the kind i hate most, just the stupidest ideas, to move forward the plot, or at times you can sense they thought they were brilliant (extreme proof of stupidity again), or even to cover its own ass ( “it s nobody s business why i d still protect Thommas”). …As realization there’s much worst, i agree, but it pissed me off, zero stars… well 1

suo mynona
suo mynona
April 18, 2024 2:58 am

It had potential but some scenes with mediocre acting and a storyline that was only good the first half IMO. Others might like it more than me but the gore was also tame. Three stars.

April 17, 2024 7:27 pm

femenist garbage

Old Mother Hubbard
Old Mother Hubbard
April 15, 2024 5:07 pm

Cliched and corny horror flick with the evil doctor and the two goons with the standard Adam Lanza sugar bowl hairdos. Some might like it. I’m not sure why. 2 stars.