Greedy Guts (2000)

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Avg Rating: 4.4 / 5. Voted: 23

No one cared thus far. Do you?

AKA: Otesánek; Little Otik
Directed by: Jan Svankmajer
Starring: Jan Hartl (Karel), Veronika Zilkova (Bozena), Kristina Adamcova (Alzbetka), Jaroslava Kretschmerova (Alzbetka’s Mother), Pavel Novy (Alzbetka’s Father)
Country: Czech Republic, European Cinema
Language: Czech (English subtitles)
Runtime: 02:06:06
Genres: Anime-Animation, Bizarre, Cannibalism, Dolls, Overeating, Old-Young, Body Modification

Plot – Spoilers:
Greedy Guts, based on a Czech fairytale, follows the bizarre life of a childless couple Karel and Bozena who’ve just been rejected at an infertility clinic. The husband Karel as a sort of joke digs up a bit of a tree that resembles a baby and presents it to his wife. But she takes it seriously and starts caring for it like it were her real child, Otik.

Keeping a close eye on the couple is a little girl Alzbetka who’s bored and lonely, being the only child in the building. She soon gets obsessed with being friends with the strange baby that the couple keeps possessively hidden from nosy neighbors. When Alzbetka is not busy spying on the couple, she’s trying to get away from an old pedophile who lives upstairs.

The lives of all the residents soon hits the macabre as little Otik develops a massive appetite.

Greedy Guts is a work of wonder and mastery by the Czech master Jan Svankmajer. When it’s not darkly comedic in its view on childlessness and pedophilia, it conjures up memorable scenes of pure WTFery – like a scene where babies are sold like fish, wrapped in newspapers.

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