Anguish (1987)


AKA: Angustia; Angoixa
Directed by: Bigas Luna
Starring: Michael Lerner (John Pressman), Zelda Rubinstein (Mother), Talia Paul (Patty), Clara Pastor (Linda), Angel Jove (2nd Killer)
Country: Spain
Language: English
Runtime: 01:24:34
Genres: Gruesome, Small Animals, Mass Killings, Family

Plot – Spoilers:
John Pressman lives with his mother along with a large number of birds and snails and is regularly hypnotized by her. He works as some sort of assistant to an ophthalmologist, though his mother regards him as a fine surgeon. What he’s good at though is cutting out the eyes of people and bringing them home to mother.

At this point there’s an entertaining twist to the movie that turns again during the credits at the end. A very enjoyable work from the Spanish master.

One thought on “Anguish (1987)

  • April 9, 2020 at 4:20 am

    Found myself getting extremely annoyed with the stupidity of a lot of the characters. (I’ll try not to ruin anything but) For instance; there’s a scene where the police need to be called and the character could’ve used the phone inside the establishment they are in but instead runs outside to look for a payphone on the street. Also, the police takes what seems like half a fucking hour to get there. I get people in 80’s horror films are not the brightest and this leads to them getting murdered, but goddamn; these motherfuckers were fucking idiots. Very frustrating film to watch and nothing gets resolved, I guess the gore is cool though. 3/10 lol don’t even waste your time.


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