Basket Case 3 (1991)

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Avg Rating: 3.3 / 5. Voted: 14

No one cared thus far. Do you?

Directed by: Frank Henenlotter
Starring: Kevin Van Hentenryck (Duane), Annie Ross (Ruth), Tina Louise Hilbert(Opal), Gil Roper (Sheriff), Jim O’Doherty (Little Hal)
Country: United States
Language: English
Runtime: 01:29:41
Genres: Body Modification, Gruesome

Plot – Spoilers:
More of Granny Ruth’s house of freaks as they head outdoors on a roadtrip. Duane’s monster brother Belial has a sexy monster wife who’s pregnant, and the freaks can’t contain their excitement in anticipation of more-the-merrier.

We also get a more detailed and closeup view of the freaks, including this one guy who has the delightful gift of being able to snivel through multiple noses.

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fred fat
fred fat
November 14, 2021 7:42 pm

annie ross is a great singer in her own right
thanks for the upload

November 13, 2021 1:53 pm

Finally the third Basketcase film in the Master Writer/Director Frank Henenlotter’s filmography. Another one of his masterpieces that could only come from his sick and twisted (low budget) mind. He takes his rightful place amongst his peers.

November 12, 2021 11:51 pm

that was freaking stupid

Zed Man
Zed Man
November 12, 2021 8:58 am

Thx EUM guys, you just completed the trifecta. A crazy film but strangely watchable, some scenes made me lol and had to chuckle at some of the fx. A nice trip down nostalgia lane. They dont make em like this anymore and thats a shame.