Guinea Pig 1: Devil’s Experiment (1985)

AKA: Gini Piggu: Akuma no Jikken, Unabridged Agony
Year: 1985
Directed by: Satoru Ogura
Starring: Unknown
Country: Japan, Asian Cinema
Language: Japanese (English Subtitles)
Runtime: 00:42:42
Genres: BDSM, Gore-Gruesome-Splatter, Violence against Women, Snuff, Torture, Insects

Plot – Spoilers:
The first in the series that was so bad, the Producer Satoru Ogura (also Director of this one) had to show ‘making of’ footage to prove it wasn’t a real snuff movie.

Guinea Pig 1 involves a young woman being tormented and tortured over several days by three men in a dark room, as well as outdoors. The torture here doesn’t just rely on gore but is well thought out, like the group of men were true sadists who wanted their victim to experience pure suffering and misery.

The victim is submissive and appears aware, exhausted and reconciled to her fate because she doesn’t shriek or scream for the most part, but sits through a lot of it merely whimpering.

The 40+ minute long ordeal is divided into chapters which are helpfully titled Hit, Kick, Needle, Claw, Burn, Worm etc so you can be prepared for what’s coming up next for her.

Not to exaggerate, but even seasoned watchers of extreme cinema will feel the sadism off their screens with this one.

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