Red Room (2017)


Directed by: Stephen Gaffney
Starring: Amy Kelly (Kyra), Sohaila Lindheim (Lily), Saoirse Doyle (Alison), Brian Fortune (Dad), Eddie Jackson (Matthew), John Dalessandro (Richard), JP Albuquerque (Guy who does the killing), Rodrigo Ternevoy (Other assistant)
Country: Ireland, British Cinema, European Cinema
Language: English (English subs)
Runtime: 01:34:56
Genres: Sexual-Violence against Women, Torture, Captivity-Kidnapping, Internet Dangers, Gore-Gruesome, Snuff

Plot – Spoilers:
Red Room is an Irish movie unrelated to the Daisuke Yamanouchi Red Room movies.

A single mom Kyra returning from a nightout with the girls is abducted and dumped in a room with two other bound women. They’re in the middle of nowhere with no idea why they’ve been taken captive. All they know is they hear women’s shrieks from time to time in another room.

Unlike the other two, Kyra refuses to accept her impending fate and eyes the window in their room as an escape route. It soon becomes clear that the women are being bid online, with the winning bid getting to decide how they are tortured and murdered.

2 thoughts on “Red Room (2017)

  • June 20, 2019 at 6:49 am

    love it, its sick.. i almost didnt finish cuz of the kid lol

    • October 14, 2019 at 5:46 am

      Damn this movie ALMOST did it for me. If they would’ve gone through with the child murder this would be one sick movie


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