Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995)

Directed by: Todd Solondz
Starring: Heather Matarazzo (Dawn), Daria Kalinina (Missy), Matthew Faber (Mark), Brendan Sexton III (Brandon), Eric Mabius (Steve)
Country: United States
Language: English
Runtime: 01:31:31
Genres: Teensploitation, Misery, Siblings-Family, Old-Young

Plot – Spoilers:
Dawn is a 12 year-old, desperate for acceptance. At school she’s regularly picked on, everyone thinks she’s fugly, her mother dotes on her pretty little sister Missy and her brother and Dad barely acknowledge her existence. Though everyone (apart from a boy whom other kids call a faggot) are uniformly uninterested in her, it’s Missy whom Dawn considers direct competition and loathes from her gut.

Dawn is pathetic and obedient at school, while a rebel at home – on the one hand, she stubbornly fights the urge to give in to her mother’s demands in exchange for a piece of desert. And on the other hand, she meekly accepts lead bully Brandon’s orders to come on time for a rape session. It’s this dichotomy in Dawn, coupled with her resentment towards Missy that makes Welcome to the Dollhouse a tragicomic masterpiece.

Favorite Scene:
Dawn awkwardly enjoying her crush Steve performing the title track.

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