Burning Moon (1992)

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Avg Rating: 3.4 / 5. Voted: 36

No one cared thus far. Do you?

Year: 1992
Directed by: Olaf Ittenbach
Starring: Olaf Ittenbach (Peter)
Country: Germany, European Cinema
Language: German (English Subtitles)
Runtime: 01:38:27
Genres: Gore-Gruesome-Splatter, Rape-Violence against Women, Violence against Men, Serial Killers, Satanism, Religion

Plot – Spoilers:
The Burning Moon stars director Olaf Ittenbach as Peter, a disgruntled young man uninterested in work and living with his family whom he detests. After a run-in with his parents, Peter’s ordered to stay in and babysit his little sister. Hateful of the lockdown, he shoots up and begins telling his sister effed up tales designed to unnerve her. There are two tales here – the first one’s about a serial killer looking for love and the next one, a serial killing rapist priest.

The Burning Moon has some amateur acting going on – at times it looks like the crew brought in their family and friends who try hard to keep a straight face. Then there are those bit role actors who take their roles so seriously it’s almost comical – like the waiter at the restaurant when Julia and the killer are making small talk. But the odd thing with this flick is that every now and then it serves up an impressive and unexpected scene that makes it a worthwhile watch, especially if you’re into ’90s gore movies.

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Tony Gordon
Tony Gordon
December 31, 2023 8:36 pm

It was fun to watch… to be honest I didn’t expect much form this movie but I really enjoyed the first story, the character of the murderer was complex and it was entertaining but I didn’t get the second one, the vision of hell was cool tho…

September 26, 2022 7:35 pm

Some of the acting was awful and it took me out of the movie but there were a few nice gore scenes and the last 15 minutes were fucking wild and made it worth the watch.

November 16, 2021 10:54 pm

The end of the second tale didn’t made sense I didn’t get if was supposed to be hell or some random clip, probably a pilot of Premutos.

November 6, 2021 12:45 am

This movie sux

The White Horseman
The White Horseman
September 13, 2021 1:54 am

Such a total waste.

February 18, 2021 4:17 pm

it was honestly a really cringy movie, but i enjoyed the rape scenes nonetheless.

Zed Man
Zed Man
December 25, 2020 9:56 am

This film may not win any awards because the acting is amateurish at best but it seems to be the style of Olaf Ittenbach who is the king of german splatter films, many of which are on this site. What he lacks in direction is offset by some great gore, especially in his depiction of hell in the last story. I enjoy these films because they are not try hards, what you see is what you get. Dard Divorce and Premutos are also good examples of this genre among many others. The comedic acting brings to it a certain charm that reminds us not to take this stuff seriously. I watch them to take a load off and not have to think too much and just have a chuckle every now and then.