Sadisticum (2009)


Year: 2009
Directed by: Sebastian Radtke
Starring: Christian Wewerka (Killer), Thomas Harbort (Steven)
Country: Germany, European Cinema
Language: German (English subtitles)
Runtime: 00:56:35
Genres: Serial Killers, Sexual-Violence against Women, Violence against Men, Torture, Gore-Gruesome, Internet Perversions, Detective

Plot – Spoilers:
A troubled teenager is paid a visit by a schoolmate who expresses an interest in him. Just when they start making out, she mocks his sexuality which enrages him into beating her into a pulp. As he sits around looking at her bloodied unconscious face, he feels a tremendous sexual awakening that later defines him as an adult.

Years later, as a quiet and willing member of society, he has put his violence aside until a mugging attack shakes it out of its slumber. The incident sends him onto the internet to find kindred souls and he soon begins to regard his killing and torture skills as a type of performance art. He also takes a keen interest in a cop entrusted to his case…

Sadisticum doesn’t have a great plotline. In fact, the latter bits are plain silly. But what it is, at a running time of less than an hour, is a neat torture flick that’s well worth a watch.

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