Moebius (2013)

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Avg Rating: 4.2 / 5. Voted: 46

No one cared thus far. Do you?

Directed by: Kim Ki-duk
Starring: Seo Young-ju (Son), Cho Jae-hyun (Father), Lee Eun-woo (Mother/Girlfriend), Kim Jae-hong (Gang leader)
Country: South Korea
Runtime: 01:24:37
Genres: Family, Infidelity, Revenge, Misc Paraphilias, Sexual-Violence against Men, Rape-Sexual-Violence against Women, Self-Harm, Incest, Old-Young Relationships, Teenager

Plot – Spoilers:
Dad is cheating. Mom is drunk-crazy over this. Son detachedly watches parents fight. Then Mom chops off son’s dick after seeing him masturbating. And swallows it to ensure irreparable damage. That’s just the first few minutes of Moebius where Mom and (cheating) girlfriend are played by the same actress.

Moebius is glorious effedup art. The violence is not explicit and yet, the one kink that’s explicitly depicted is almost certain to unnerve proud men and women who smirk or laugh at the goriest violence. The film also contains one of the most hilariously bizarre, menage-a-trois sex moments.

Director Kim Ki-duk died of Covid a few days back.

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