Noriko’s Dinner Table (2005)

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Avg Rating: 4.5 / 5. Voted: 14

No one cared thus far. Do you?

AKA: Noriko No Shokutaku; Suicide Circle 2; Suicide Club 2
Directed by: Sion Sono
Starring: Kazue Fukiishi (Noriko/Mitsuko), Yuriko Yoshitaka (Yuka/Yoko), Tsugumi (Kumiko/Ueno Station 54), Ken Mitsuishi (Tetsuzo), Sanae Miyata (Taeko)
Country: Japan, Effed UpAsian Cinema
Language: Japanese (Eng Subs)
Runtime: 02:39:09
Genres: Siblings-Family, Cult, Internet, Teen

Plot – Spoilers:
Sequel to Suicide Club.

Noriko is a small-town girl feeling alienated in her family’s unambitious and restrictive world. Her only relief is the limited access she has to the internet, where she can be someone better.

On a whim, she runs away one night to Tokyo. The bright city lights briefly blur her identity but she eventually hopes to find it by hooking up with a few Tokyo girls she’d become friends with online. She’s particularly excited to meet a Mod from her favorite message board who eventually helps her land the perfect job.

In some ways, Noriko’s Dinner Table is simply about the idea of finding yourself, if you can. It just goes about this in a roundabout, enjoyably perverse way.

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