Snuff 102 (2007)

Year: 2007
Directed by: Mariano Peralta
Starring: Yamila Greco (Journalist/102), Andrea Alfonso (Pregnant woman/100), Silvia Paz (Porn actress/101), Eduardo Poli (Snuff Expert), Rodrigo Bianco (Masked man)
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish (English Subtitles)
Runtime: 01:40:51
Genres: Snuff, Rape-Sexual-Violence against Women, Women In Prison, Torture, Gore-Gruesome-Splatter, Necrophilia, Violence Against-Relationships with Animals, Captivity-Kidnapping, Pissing

Plot – Spoilers:
Simply put, 3 women are tortured by a masked man for a snuff movie. How they ended up in it is traced in short black & white flashbacks.

One of them is a pregnant woman whose boyfriend gets her drugs and having softened her up, offers her a ‘job.’ Another is a junkie and porn actress who’s broke and desperate to act in ‘anything’. The third is a journalist who decides to write a column on the darker side of internet pornography while investigating the question, “Does Snuff really exist.” To this end, she meets with an author widely regarded as an expert on the subject who espouses some pretty decent philosophies on the bestial nature of man and the effects of anonymity on our psyche.

Snuff 102 includes long drawn out sequences of women held in captivity. Though these include lengthy scenes without physical torture, it actually adds to the terror when the brutal tortures and murders are executed. These moments are quite intense and include a pregnant woman being kicked in the stomach and stabbed in the cunt, heads and teeth being battered with a hammer and chisel, an almost-dead woman raped and then pissed on. There are also archival scenes of actual tortures and murder which you might have already seen if you’re into this sort of stuff.

While the copy here isn’t the best, the picture quality has been kept deliberately bad to give it an underground, low end camera feel, which sort of works for the atmospheric feel of horror.

2 thoughts on “Snuff 102 (2007)

  • June 15, 2019 at 11:37 am

    That belly popped like squish…
    Made me crave Jello! Great post my family and I loved watching this! 😀

  • December 15, 2019 at 12:37 am

    Just re-watched this after a few months because I remember the main girl being really cute. It’s actually one of the good ones on here. Lots of great scenes


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