Werckmeister Harmonies (2000)

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Avg Rating: 4.4 / 5. Voted: 62

No one cared thus far. Do you?

AKA: Werckmeister Harmóniák
Directed by: Béla Tarr, Ágnes Hranitzky
Starring: Lars Rudolph (Valuska), Peter Fitz (Eszter), Hanna Schygulla (Tünde Eszter)
Country: Hungary, European Cinema
Language: Hungarian (English subs); Effed Up Hungarian Cinema
Runtime: 02:19:25
Genres: Surreal

Plot – Spoilers:
A young man Valuska lives among older folk in a small Hungarian town and does odd jobs while also being helpful to the elderly people that need it. One of them, Eszter is of the firm belief that Werckmeister’s theoretical principles are flawed and the harmonies in music, imperfect. Valuska has a thirst for knowledge and education and is respected by the local drunkards for the things he’s gleaned from hanging around intellectuals in town.

The town itself is abuzz with news of a circus rolling in and the mysteries it offers. While Valuska is simply wonderstruck by the arrival of a massive stuffed whale, the men in town are more interested in a deformed man known as ‘The Prince’, with revolutionary ideas that promise a vent for their frustrations.

Werckmeister Harmonies is a surreal experience in black and white with stunning night-time lighting and mesmerizing long shots and music if you’re willing to allow yourself the patience for it.

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A freaking snowflake
A freaking snowflake
May 15, 2024 9:28 pm

Was this a metaphor for something? Great atmosphere… music was OK in a simple way. I’m sure it has some political relevance. Okay, watched and moving on.

alan houl
alan houl
January 24, 2022 6:07 pm

evrythng here is a mindfuck one way or the other.. wow
this reminded me of stalker, but the meditation felt more unsettling than elevating. also great score for a movie with such bare minimun sound.

Old Mother Hubbard
Old Mother Hubbard
November 14, 2021 3:53 pm

Absolute masterpiece! It is a stunning and engrossing film. I watched it 3 times in a row and never felt bored at all for even a second. It is that poignant and endearing. Tomorrow I plan to watch this film at least 3 times. If you feel like taking a nap never watch this film. You will feel super energetic after watching this.

June 27, 2021 12:14 am

I watched this when it was first posted, and just re-watched it now. Not sure why, but I want to say that this is the greatest film ever made. I cannot really explain WHY i feel that way. Some of the scenes in the second half fall flat. But taken as a whole, this film resonates to my core in a way that no other film ever has

fred fat
fred fat
February 18, 2021 9:29 pm

too many people here think that they need to write film study essays
im all for talking cinematography, editing, sound etc but if you start talking deep meanings u r up your own arse

Mary Valletta
Mary Valletta
September 7, 2020 3:51 am

Great films and wonderful service you are providing, but is it necessary to keep your website address on the screen at all times? It really detracts from the viewing experience. I assure you, no one will forget your website if you take it off. If you continue to provide such a high caliber of films, obscure and otherwise, you will become one of my favorite websites and I will never forget you…but only if you remove that damned supertitle. Thanks for listening.

Elliot Spencer
Elliot Spencer
July 7, 2020 5:49 pm

Many thanks admins! I was randomly searching for this film online and was surprised to see your excellent had it:) I musta missed it before, as I had been wanting to see it for quite a while now, bc I absolutely loved the Turin Horse, by this director as well. A masterwork of film. Many ppl view films w the sole intent of killing time, or wanting to feel something from said genre, without really realizing there r films out there which can b so much more, that are true art in the purest sense, much like the artists painting. This film would b an example of that. I feel that this film was an allegorical poem relating to not only the futility of political movements, but the futility of RESISTING one as well, by not realizing all r bad in some way. Our main protagonist János is portrayed as literally the only person left with any spirit in the town, trying his best to help all around him, and wanting what was best for the town as well. The free thinker, if u will. Relating to the mobs, I feel as if the director left them silent for the most part so the viewer could be caught up themselves in their movement by not thinking about it and not knowing WHY (like the journal said), just as the citizens were, the viewer marching silently along w their masses. Imo, when they rioted and attacked the hospital, they were in… Read more »