Adam Chaplin (2011)

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Avg Rating: 3.9 / 5. Voted: 25

No one cared thus far. Do you?

AKA: Adam Chaplin: Violent Avenger
Year: 2011
Directed by: Emanuele De Santi
Starring: Emanuele De Santi (Adam Chaplin), Valeria Sannino (Wife), Chiara Marfella (Denny), Giulio De Santi (Derek)
Country: Italy
Language: Italian (English Subtitles)
Runtime: 01:24:28
Genres: Gore-Gruesome-Splatter, Revenge, Horror, Violence against Men

Plot – Spoilers:
Adam Chaplin is a gore-fest with revenge as an excuse for it. Set in the dystopian Heaven Valley, Adam Chaplin’s wife owes a disfigured crime boss Denny some dough and having not paid up on time, she is set on fire. Adam has no choice therefore to summon up some kind of a demon that is forever perched like a figurative monkey on his back and which gives him certain powers. His fists are pure power and there are some enjoyable scenes of hyper-speed battering of people’s faces as Adam goes searching for Denny. To add some drama, Denny sets loose a former military guy on Adam to finish him off before he can get to Denny. The gore is also given a breather with some back-stories detailing Adam and his wife’s relationship and how Denny came to be disfigured.

Many of the violent scenes which include one of Denny’s son’s being impaled appear to have been influenced by anime/manga action sequences. There’s lots of gore, in fact, bucket loads of it at times and Adam Chaplin was described by some at the time of its release as one of the goriest movies ever.

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