Judy (2014)

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No one cared thus far. Do you?

Directed by: Emanuele De Santi
Starring: Orietta Babusci (Mary/Pierrot), Mariagrazia Giorgi (Ursula)
Country: Italy; Effed Up Italian Cinema
Language: English
Runtime: 01:15:43
Genres: Gore-Gruesome, Home Invasion, Clown-Mask, Dolls

Plot – Big Spoilers:
A gang of performance artists called The Crows led by an elderly lady get pissed off with a buxom woman who ignores them. They then proceed to add this film into the Home Invasion genre.

You spend most of your time here watching the lead victim, Mary, pottering about her home, waiting for shit to happen to her. Maybe it’s the expectation you have, considering this is from the maker of Adam Chaplin, but it doesn’t feel too boring or disappointing, because the smattering of gore is pretty good. It also helps that Mary has a few good things going about her. When she needs to retrieve a gun from her car parked outside, she first slips into a short dress and heels, before stepping outside. She’s also exceedingly stupid when she has to deal with mechanical objects – watching her locate a hammer in a basin or having a crack at a box that might be caging her dog, keep the ticking minutes interesting.

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fred fat
fred fat
May 22, 2023 5:50 pm

have been a pretty decent fan of Necrostorm for the past couple of years. Adam Chaplin and Taeter City went down as instant favourites due to their entertaining, blood splattering value. Even Hotel Inferno was a lot of fun, despite its resemblance to a video game as opposed to an actual horror movie. Necrostorm has come to mean blood and entertainment for me, so it’s fair to say I was more than keen to check out their latest release, Judy. I purchased this movie knowing nothing about it, except it was by Necrostorm and directed by Emanuele De Santi (the same director of Adam Chaplin). All I knew to expect was blood, and lots of it, a trademark from Necrostorm. What I got was something I wasn’t expecting at all. I got an actual scary movie. Judy is a dog. Despite the misleading title, the movie actually focuses more on Judy’s owner, Mary, who is being stalked by some deranged and scary street performers. That’s about all I’m going to say about this movie. As always, the less you know about a movie the better. So, is this movie any good? On a cinematography level, this movie looks gorgeous. The production values are top notch and the effects are brilliant. Even the actors look normal, and not mutilated and deformed, as in the usual in Necrostorm flicks. But the makeup and costumes are fantastic. As a standout from the other movies by Necrostorm, blood and gore is used sparingly in… Read more »

fred fat
fred fat
May 22, 2023 5:52 pm

Renee immerses herself in the role of Judy Garland Instant_Palmer29 October 2019 Renee immerses herself in the role of Judy Garland, locking up her 4th Oscar Nomination, and likely her second Oscar win, 15 years after Cold Mountain. One would expect that a truly legendary and iconic actress / singer / dancer like Judy Garland would be enjoying the fruits of her long time successful career, and the accolades of her adoring fans, who would be lining up to buy tickets to see her perform. Alas, Garland’s life eptomized the Hollywood cautionary tale of child stars. Despite massive talent, and amazing work ethic, alcohol, prescription drugs, bad husband choices, despicable studio bosses, and an even worse mother, gave her little chance to bypass tragedy. Renee clearly did her homework, nailing the nuances of Garland’s personality, trooper attitude, eccentric stage mannerisms, and distinctive vocals – The buy-in to Renee as Judy was immediate and never wavered. Brief flashbacks take us back to production of “The Wizard of Oz” whose namesake himself couldn’t save Judy from the Mother from Hell or the Boss From Hell (Louis B Mayer), for just the right amount of time to give the story supporting background fill. This is largely a spotlight film role for Renee, fitting for the part of Judy Garland whose spotlighted roles carried films. Renee delivers to the audience a still enthusiastic, but destitute and barely “functional alcoholic” Judy Garland who still has her trade-mark trooper-attitude pragmatism, but is desperately trying to earn… Read more »

fred fat
fred fat
May 22, 2023 5:55 pm

Greetings again from the darkness. It’s been 80 years since THE WIZARD OF OZ was released and 50 years since Judy Garland died. So why do we still care so much? Of course the obvious reason is that, for many generations, her adventures as Dorothy Gale from Kansas marked the first time many of us kids could put ourselves in the shoes (mine weren’t ruby sparkles) of a lead character in a movie. Her fantastical journey ignited our imaginations and whisked us away to fight witches and flying monkeys, while making wonderful friends in a corn patch and enchanted forest. Oh, and that voice! However, there is another side to this coin. Judy’s story is also an example of the dark and tarnished side of Hollywood … she pulled back more than one curtain. Renee Zellweger (Oscar winner for COLD MOUNTAIN, 2003) stars as Judy Garland, and her performance will likely put her in line for her fourth Oscar nomination. The film basically covers the last year of Judy’s life, and director Rupert Goold (TRUE STORY, 2015) is working from a script by Tom Edge adapted from Peter Quilter’s stage play, “End of the Rainbow”. There is no Lollipop Guild here. Instead, the harsh realities of Judy’s life are explored. The film opens with Judy and her kids, Joe and Lorna, performing on stage … and then being unceremoniously denied a room at a nearby luxury hotel. See, Judy’s career is in a bad way (admittedly undependable and uninsurable) –… Read more »

fred fat
fred fat
May 22, 2023 5:56 pm

The end of the rainbow had plenty of ups and downs. mark.waltz1 October 2019 Warning: Spoilers When Judy Garland was ready to go on, her audiences got the show of a lifetime. The heart she put into those shows was so filled with the love for her audience and those who supported her, and the love of performing. The play on what this was allegedly based upon is fortunately not the dominating source of this movie as it wasn’t always a dignified look, making it appear that Judy would take any kind of drug she could get her hand on, even if it was to cure a dog from mange. Fortunately, that reference is gone, and while this does show Judy drunk and spaced out from pills, it also reveals how she got hooked and the disastrous outcome of that lifelong addiction. Renee Zellwegger (“Chicago”) tops her performance as Roxie Hart, a role ironically performed on Broadway by Judy’s daughter, Liza Minnelli. She doesn’t look exactly like Judy or sing exactly like her, but once you get past that, she truly becomes her. TV’s Judy was Judy Davis, and Broadway’s Judy was Isabel Keating, and it’s tough to top those iconic performances. Zellwegger gets to dip into her soul, and what is revealed is not only the greatest female performer ever, but a woman of so many conflictions, tragedies and demons that her eternal humor makes her the epitome of the true survivor which her devoted fans to this day… Read more »

Old Mother Hubbard
Old Mother Hubbard
May 22, 2023 8:14 pm

The description the Administrator gave is pretty much right on the money except for “keeps the ticking minutes interesting.” The gory parts were good, Mary is a hottie for sure and I just loved Judy but I was bored to tears. I had trouble staying awake for the last 10 minutes. Because I couldn’t relate to the characters at the beginning, it kept me emotionally uninvolved through the rest of the film. 2 stars…Read more>>

May 22, 2023 10:55 pm

WT,EFF was tha effin shyt,, its a 1/10 for me, and thats for the last ten minges only!!!!

May 23, 2023 7:01 am

Hey superstar