Camp Blood First Slaughter (2014)

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Avg Rating: 2 / 5. Voted: 9

No one cared thus far. Do you?

AKA: Camp Blood 3
Directed by: Mark Polonia
Starring: Houston Baker (Victor), Cindy Wheeler (Prof Mallory), Ashley Wray (Marcy), Kelsey Kaufmann (Christi), Joshua Pollitt (Victor), Sarah Ryan (Sasha)
Country: United States
Language: English
Runtime: 01:13:19
Genres: Gruesome

Plot – Spoilers:
The next in the Camp Blood series. This time, even the Clown isn’t safe anymore and can be targeted. A few college kids are coerced by their professor into investigating the camp blood urban legend and head into the woods.

The characters are mostly uninteresting. There’s a heavy-breathing asshole who stalks them throughout. The gore isn’t convincing, with downright retarded scenarios.

So what’s in it for you?

If you like putrid movies that are just that – putrid, not even entertainingly bad. Just putrid.

Or maybe this one scene where a girl dies like she’s having an orgasm.

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Elliot Spencer
Elliot Spencer
August 23, 2021 5:04 am

Flargan. Where do I begin… uh, R.I.P boom mic and budget, that’s for sure. Worst sound levels yet, n I think that’s saying something for this series. Shoulda just max’d everything like they do in other trash of this tier, not in these tho, smfh. Sleepy dudes guitar prbly cost more than the movie. Oh, that reminds me, we get yet another unique song debut:/ Embarrassing CGI, just blatant overlays, to the point where the wiped-on-blood slit throats looked better. It wasn’t so prevalent later within tho, thankfully. Acting was almost to the center of a dogshit to meh scale. Terrible reveal too, but at least it was laughable.

The good:D I’d rather have terrible movie plot clichés than stereotypical character clichés, and this entry, like it’s last predecessor (movie within movie), has the ol ‘see ur own future in a dream’ sequence multiple times. Oh ya, and the aftermath almost found footage tie-in, or whatever they attempted. At least this ones in a forest? The mask reminded me of something I’ve seen b4 (and no nothing Barker or silent hill whatnot) but couldn’t place, so at least that had me thinking on the lowest order I suppose.

3/10, better have some form of drugs to b entertained by this one, then it’ll barely float. Marginally worse than previous entry. Peace;)