Silent Night Deadly Night 3 (1989)

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Avg Rating: 2.9 / 5. Voted: 8

No one cared thus far. Do you?

AKA: Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out!
Directed by: Monte Hellman
Starring: Samantha Scully (Laura), Bill Moseley (Ricky), Richard Beymer (Dr. Newbury), Eric Da Re (Chris), Laura Harring (Jerri), Robert Culp (Old cop)
Country: USA; Effed Up American Movies
Language: English (Optional Eng Subs)
Runtime: 01:29:53
Genres: Killers

Plot – Spoilers:
A young woman Laura is part of a mind experiment with a killer the Silent Night Deadly Night series seems incapable of killing off for good. Here he’s been resurrected, and as proof, walks around zombie-like with his brains spilling out the top of his head.

Early into the movie, a terrorized Laura runs down a hallway more with her arms than her boots. And you think, this is going to be good. But somewhere along the way, Silent Night Deadly Night 3 deviates to boringly explore Laura’s loving relationship with her brother without even turning on incest mode. But there’s plenty of good bad acting, especially one old cop who must’ve always felt he belongs in westerns, and decides to bring that here anyway.

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March 5, 2022 11:52 pm

most underrated horror series.
SNDN’s antagonist could’ve been up there with horror icons like Jason, Leather Face, and Freddy Krueger if it wasn’t initially banned in theatres.