Berdella (2009)

Directed by: Paul South, Bill Taft
Starring: Seth Correa (Berdella), Steve Williams (Larry)
Country: United States
Language: English
Runtime: 01:22:40
Genres: Based on a True Story, Gruesome, Captivity-Kidnapping, Drugs, Gay, Sexual-Violence against Men, Serial Killers, Torture

Plot – Spoilers:
Bob Berdella has a small store called Bob’s Bazaar Bizarre where he sells curios and other items dealing with the strange and the occult. Sometimes he also sells skulls that have a personal touch – they’ve been dug up from his backyard.

Based on serial killer Robert Berdella, the movie focuses on Berdella’s encounters with gay/straight men as he lures them with the promise of easy drugs and other bait, before dumping them in his basement where he gets to work on them.

3 thoughts on “Berdella (2009)

  • January 25, 2020 at 5:36 pm

    Thanks a lot for posting this movie man,and keep up the good work . Love this site…

  • January 27, 2020 at 3:44 am

    looking forward to checking this one out

  • February 11, 2020 at 3:36 pm

    sounds like a remake in near future 😀


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