Boxer’s Omen (1983)

AKA: Mo, Black Magic 4
Year: 1983
Directed by: Chih-Hung Kuei
Starring: Phillip Ko Fei (Hung), Elvis Tsui Kam-Kong (Abbot), Wai Ka-Man (Girlfriend)
Country: Hong Kong, Asian Cinema
Language: Mandarin (Eng Subs)
Runtime: 01:43:42
Genres: Gore-Splatter, Buddhism, Black Magic, Bizarre, Animals

Plot – Spoilers:
Hung is a boxer involved with the Hong Kong crime syndicate. He watches his brother unfairly beaten by a Thai boxer and swears revenge. Meanwhile, he is disturbed by visions of a monk whom he tracks down to a monastery in Thailand. There it is revealed to him that the monk was on the verge of attaining immortality when he was thwarted by a bunch of satanists. The monk also alleges that Hung and he are twins from another life and that their current lives are also intertwined. In short, it’s up to Hung to fight the dark arts, which he does by becoming a monk in 3 months! But the dark artists aren’t about to give up easily and Hung switches between being a monk and a boxer to avenge his brother.

Made in 1983, some of the effects are downright comical but in a good way. There is also a truckload of WTFery that makes this a delightful watch.

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