Sheitan (2006)

AKA: Satan
Year: 2006
Directed by: Kim Chapiron
Starring: Vincent Cassel (Joseph), Olivier Barthelemy (Bart), Roxane Mesquida (Eve), Nico Le Phat Tan (Thai), Leila Bekhti (Yasmine), Ladj Ly (Ladj), Julie-Marie Parmentier (Jeanne)
Country: France, European Cinema
Language: French (English subtitles)
Runtime: 01:27:36
Genres: Horror, Gruesome, Incest, Dolls, Satanism, Relationships with Animals

Plot – Spoilers:
Just like the French horror Inside, this one too is set on Christmas Eve. A group of friends are out clubbing and looking to get laid, when they’re not busy being pricks. They pick up an attractive girl Eve and head to her place in the country, since they’re mostly losers with nothing better to offer.

When they get there, they meet a weird man with a perpetual grin, whom Eve introduces as Joseph, the housekeeper. Eve’s parents are not home and the house is littered with morbid dolls which Eve explains as her father’s former profession. Joseph displays an odd affection for one of them Bart, and offers to show them around the village where they meet boorish and strange folk, none of which really makes a difference to them because they’re not too different in their own city ways.

As the night draws in and their libido soars, Joseph gets weirder and so does the horror.

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